This attestation has been peer-audited and acknowledged by numerous researchers of Hebrew

The capacity of sound and light to recuperate DNA has been deductively recorded by a Russian examination group of geneticists and etymologists. Russian etymologists found that the hereditary code, particularly in the purported garbage segment, observes customary sentence structure and utilization guidelines basically indistinguishable from those of human dialects. This discredits numerous advanced phonetic hypotheses by demonstrating that language didn’t show up arbitrarily however mirrors our common, supernaturally enriched hereditary design. In ‘The God Code,’ smash hit creator Gregg Braden splendidly shows that the old four-letter Hebrew name for God (YHVH) is really code for the four bases of DNA in light of DNA’s compound organization of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Apparently a formerly undetected type of smart light or goal energy

The old Greeks were very much aware of this intense energy, referring to it as “ether” and understanding that it is straightforwardly liable for all inclusive appearance. Definitively demonstrated the presence of this nurturing subspace energy, exhibiting that, similar as time, it streams in a sacrosanct mathematical twisting that has been called phi, the Brilliant Mean, and the Fibonacci grouping. Notwithstanding overpowering proof of its presence, current researchers are getting back to the thought of ether involving such expressions as “zero point energy” and “vacuum potential.” As of late, standard specialists Richard Feynman and John Wheeler ventured to such an extreme as to compute that how much twist energy contained inside a light could in a real sense heat the world’s seas to the point of boiling!

This leading edge research in the fleeting physical science of subspace lays out that twist energy saturates the whole multi-layered world and not exclusively is receptive to yet may really be awareness encountering itself in time.

Their exploration unequivocally proposes that human DNA is in a real sense a hereditary “text”; that chromosomes both produce and get the data contained in these texts to encode and disentangle them, separately; and that chromosomes gather themselves into a holographic cross section intended to create and decipher profoundly stable twisting standing rushes of sound and light that immediate every natural capability.

One progressive conclusion of this examination is that to enact DNA and invigorate recuperating on the cell level

One can basically utilize our species’ incomparable articulation of inventive awareness: words. While Western scientists cumbersomely cut and graft qualities, Greave’s group made refined gadgets equipped for impacting cell digestion through sound and light waves keyed to human language frequencies. Utilizing this technique, Grieve demonstrated that chromosomes harmed by X-beams, for example, can be fixed. Besides, this was achieved harmlessly by basically applying vibration and language, or sound joined with aim, or words, to DNA.As per Iona Mill operator and Richard Mill operator, “Life is in a general sense electromagnetic as opposed to compound, the DNA plan working as a bio-multi dimensional image which fills in as a directing lattice for sorting out actual structure.” Seemingly the most expansive ramifications of the exploration referred to in this article is that DNA can be enacted through cognizant semantic articulation (fairly like a receiving wire) to reset the bioenergy fields, which thus (like circling correspondence satellites) can send radio and light motions toward reestablish the legitimate cell construction and working of the human body.

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