Reviews of the PopRocks Online Slots

Avatar UX is a Hong Kong-based firm that develops slot games with an Asian-themed focus for European markets. Through their collaboration with Yggdrasil, they seem to have produced another slot game of a high quality.

The PopWins feature, which is exclusive to the PopRocks game, is highly distinctive in that, essentially, each each spin has the potential to pop symbols into two new symbols after you have achieved a combination. This popping effect will only cease if you are unable to complete a winning combination, which will nonetheless result in a respectable financial gain in the meantime.

The bonus feature of the PopRocks slot game is very alluring since there is the possibility that the reels could grow up to seven symbols high, which will result in an incredible 33,614 possible ways to win!

The finest online casinos will provide a maximum bet limit of £30 and a minimum bet limit of £0.10 per spin for their roulette games. A player who has a particularly lucky spin might walk away with a win that is 72,188 times their original wager!

Tutorial on how to play the online slot machine PopRocks

The first step for a user is to simply choose a wager to play with (ranging from £0.10 to £30), and then it is time to start spinning in an effort to unlock some significant prizes! It should come as no surprise that you can play this game on desktop computers, mobile devices (both iOS and Android), and tablet computers.

The previously stated PopWins feature is instantly the game’s driving drive, with each each spin popping symbols into a number of various possibilities. The huge RTP of 96.8 percent that the game offers is fantastic, and a winning streak may definitely lead to some substantial payouts.

The game’s symbols, which include the royals A, K, Q, and J, are designed to reflect a future motif. If you get a combination of 5, the A royal may pay you 20 times your original bet. There are also jewels, and the red gemstone is the most precious of them, offering you a payout equal to one hundred times your initial bet for five matching symbols. You may see the paytable by selecting the icon that looks like three lines and is located in the lower right hand corner of the game screen.

The game PopRocks is very unpredictable, and as a result, it naturally has both enormous advantages and drawbacks. The pace of certain sessions may be a little slow, but this is totally compensated for by the enticing possibility for financial gain that became available after the reels were stretched and other features were activated.

In spite of the fact that, at first glance, the game could seem to be highly complicated, players of any experience level can quickly come to realize that it is really rather basic and straightforward.

Free Spins and Other Features Available in PopRocks

PopRocks does not provide any bonus games, free spins, or respins; thus, the company is counting on the thrilling nature of the PopWins feature to attract players. These features may lead to astonishing runs, therefore PopRocks is depending on this fact.

Poprocks compensates for the absence of Free Spins levels with a multitude of other elements that are each one of a kind and quite entertaining.

This game offers the brand new PopWins function, which, as has been stated before, may result in as many as 33,614 different chances for players to win. The multiplier is increased by one for every seven pops that are gathered in the Pops Vault (located to the left of the reels). This one-of-a-kind feature is the reason why PopRocks has the potential to pay out as much as 72,188 times your wager, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to obtain multiple multipliers when playing the game.

You will be able to access the Bonus round after you have expanded the number of columns to seven, which indicates that you have gained three more abilities. This is the point in the game when the gameplay truly begins to take on a life of its own.

You will automatically obtain One Wild, which will change one of the symbols at random.

The multiplier will rise by two times for every seven Pops that are collected.

There will only be one newly introduced symbol for each pop.

After you have unlocked all seven reels, the bonus round may give you the impression that you have no control over the game, and the cash awards may continue to pile up. The nature of this level, which is nearly uncontrolled, is really alluring, and it has the potential to keep players engaged for lengthy periods of time even when there is little action taking place.

Maximum wins, return to player percentage, and volatility for PopRocks.

The game of PopRocks has a high degree of volatility, and since the hit frequency is just 22 percent of the time, there may be long periods in which players do not win. The maximum win by default is a healthy 72,188 times your investment, which results in a maximum win by default of £866,256.

RTP is strong at 96.8% and with RTP generally decreasing in new releases across the industry, this is a welcome development in PopRocks. This is comparable to another release made by Yggrasil in the online slot game Vikings Go Wild.

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