It’s the Slotfather, Baby!

Casino Game Analysis: The Slotfather

Michael Corleone was absolutely correct when he remarked that internet casinos rely heavily on entertainment to attract customers. This is the driving force behind the online slot game The Slotfather, which has a five-reel, twenty-five-payline progressive jackpot themed on the stereotypical Mafia patriarch. Betsoft’s software takes the illicit activities of the mafia and gives them a cartoony, funny twist, complete with huge stakes and a progressive jackpot. The Slotfather review will let you decide if you want to join the family or stick to swimming in your cement shoes.

The Slotfather Game Description

Betsoft, developers of the slot machine The Slotfather, took the familiar Godfather theme and made it feel more approachable by adding cartoonish animation and characters. The reels are populated with stereotypical members of Italian American criminal families that will keep you on your toes. The film’s opening animation is parodied, along with the phrase “I’ll offer them a jackpot they can’t refuse.” The song is very similar to the film’s score in that it is a breezy orchestral number.

The Slotfather’s rise to power is chronicled as the player helps him roll out slot machines to area watering holes and retail establishments. The Slotfather officially adopts you into the family at the start of the game. From here, it’s up to you to aid him in expanding his slot machine business. He will give you additional money if you do well. It’s a progressive jackpot online slot machine with a high return to player (RTP) percentage of 95.69%.

Game Play, Bonuses, and Symbols in The Slotfather

Newspaper headlines, Cuban cigars, and Tommy guns are just a few of the slot game symbols prominently displayed in The Slotfather that are inextricably linked to organized crime and its mafia rulers. It features a map of Italy, spaghetti and meatballs, and a bottle of Italian red wine to emphasize the mafia’s ties to the nation. This is because the action takes place in The Slotfather’s Italian restaurant.

Frankie the Fixer, Sammy Quick Fingers, and Fat Tony are the enforcers in The Slotfather who award the highest prizes for landing on all five reels on a payline (200 times the initial stake). These three subordinates, depending on their surrounding symbols, grant varying bonuses. For instance, if the cash symbol’s bag appears on reels one, two, or three alongside Sammy Quick Fingers, you win immediately. Similarly, if Frankie the Fixer arrives with the Tommy Gun icon, he will shoot the reels full of holes. When you click on one, you might receive up to ten bonus spins and thirty bonus credits. The Underboss Scatter bonus game begins when three or more of Fat Tony the hungry Mafioso appear anywhere on the reels. All of the active icons suddenly become Scatter Pay icons with the word “scatter” superimposed on top of each one.

If you get three Slotfather symbols on a payline, you’ll trigger the main bonus round. When the reels vanish, a section of the city appears, and the player must select three of six establishments to place the Slotfather’s machines in. Once you’ve made your selection, head back to the table where the Slotfather is waiting to hand up your bonus.

Jackpot Progressive Slot Featuring The Slotfather

Landing five Slotfather icons anywhere on a payline will award the progressive jackpot. Above the first reel on the far left is a window for the jackpot network, where you can see how much money is now up for grabs. A few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars is possible. Interested in a business discussion? Play Betsoft’s The Slotfather and find what kind of bonuses the big man himself is willing to dish out.

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